Jan 10, 2014

Weekend Snapshots: Bird, Drawing

Although it was foggy the other and rainy today, we still had a great time outdoors.  My daughter went to the library to borrow books and DVDs.  But before heading there, she wanted to do drawing on the driveway.  She saw her wet chalks.  She did a few drawings of me, her cousins, and daddy.  So funny because her drawings look like aliens.  :)

 photo 0109141353_zps64a6c117.jpg
DD said it's me.  It looks like a Power puff girl.

 photo 0109141352b_zpsa15fdee3.jpg
A bird on the topmost part of the tree.  
I took a couple snapshots:  DD's drawing and a bird singing on the top of the tree.  She's the only one singing and really brought cheer to me on a gloomy foggy day.

The photos were kinda blurry because I only used my mobile phone's camera.  Unimpressive. 

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Sissym Mascarenhas said...

This age is so beautiful!

I loved the draw!