Jun 26, 2014

Catching Up

My darling daughter and I went to see my friend and her daughters today.  DD kept asking when shall we go visit JJ and H.  She missed them a lot.  Well, today my friend wasn't very busy so we were able to visit them and had a great time catching up.

After a very nice lunch, my friend took me to her humble vegetable garden.  She harvested some tomatoes, long beans, bitter melon, and green leafy vegetables for me to take home.  What a sweet person.  Besides her humble attitude, I admire her for being such a good gardener.  She grows veggies very well.

DD and I went home happy and belly full.  :)  This weekend, I will try to plant some alugbati (vine spinach) in our vegetable garden.  I still have a small space that I need to fill in with other veggies.  Alugbati is a very nutritious vegetable.  Me and my family back home loves to put it in vegetable soup.

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