Jun 20, 2014

New Digital Camera For My Sister

I received a message from my sister-in-law letting me know that the packages I shipped to them and to my parents were delivered.  And she was thanking me for the belated Christmas gifts and other goods for the family.  I was also thankful that they packages were delivered without any issues.  

One of the items I put in the package was the graduation present for my baby sister who, at the time of the shipment of the package, was graduating from college.  My dear husband and I gave her a new digital camera because we knew she enjoys taking pictures.  Of course, we sent her some other nice things too.

This morning while we were chatting on Facebook, she sent me a few of the pictures she took with the new digital camera.  She liked how great the features are and the focus is nice.  So I am sharing these pictures.  I really liked them, too.

Cosmos flower.

My parents' dog named Jompyong and his pups.

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