Jun 6, 2014

The Outdoor Central AC Unit Is Fixed

After two days of heat in the house, I am so thankful that the outdoor central AC compressor/condenser unit is fixed.  My dear husband called for service and before we left for an out of town trip this morning, a staff from the HVAC company came to check the unit.  After about an hour he said that the fan motor and the capacitor has to be replaced.  Glad it wasn't the condenser.  The estimated cost was between $300-$325 plus the service call fee of $70.

The person has to get the replacement parts and will come back to install them.  My husband came home this afternoon because my darling daughter and I were gone at noon heading to visit the grandparents.

While at the grandparents', my hubby called that the air-conditioning is running great again and it's cool in the house.  That was a good news!

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