Jul 28, 2014

Learning To Speak French

Orange rose.  The birthday celebrant picked this color because it's her future college color.
Our friend J and A invited us to their daughter's 18th birthday party this past Saturday.  The party was held in a clubhouse in Garland.  The clubhouse has a pool so guests were informed to bring swimwear just in case they want to go swimming after dinner.

It was nice because there was a kiddie pool with 1 1/2 feet deep water for the little ones.  Darling daughter couldn't wait to swim.  And I was glad that my dear husband went to the party with us.  He was the one watching over DD in the swimming pool while I was visiting.

J and her family just got home from a two-week vacation in Europe.  They went to France, Italy, and England.  It was really nice to hear travel stories from friends.  It gives you the feeling like you were also been to those places.  Our other friend E said her kids wanted to go on a vacation, too.  But they want to go to France first.  That's why they are learning to speak French through a translation service online.  She was proud of her girls because they are learning fast.  I think learning how to speak a new language is a big plus to your skills.  It can be an addition to your resume.

We all had fun at the party.  Since it was an 18th birthday celebration, the celebrant gave away 18 roses.


Jhady said...

Nice that there's an online translation for learning french. I think french language is one of the most romantic languages in the world.

Chubskulit Rose said...

What a beautiful rose and I wish I could learn how to speak French!