Jul 7, 2014

Comfort In The Perfect Footwear

I love it when I have time for myself - to travel, unwind, and to shop.  Me time is very important to me. I thank my husband and appreciate his understanding and thoughtfulness on stuff like that.  It makes me feel very secure with our relationship.

As I was saying, I love leisure time.  Traveling and shopping are good combination to me. :)   I like going to the parks and botanical gardens.  I enjoy looking around and these places are relaxing.  Feeling the cool breeze makes you feel good inside.

When going out on a hot summer day, cool and comfortable clothes are recommended to wear.  Light colored clothing is best.  Summer dresses, cotton shirts and pants are great example of these clothing.  Of course, the outfit won't be complete without the perfect footwear.  I prefer wearing flat comfortable shoes made with high quality leather or fabric because they make walking easy and comfortable.
 And every time my family and I go out of town, or even just going out to run errands, I wear my flat shoes because I couldn't stand walking on heels for a long time.  I recommend wearing comfort flat shoes because they won't strain your feet while you're out and about like me.


Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I don't wear flat shoes but the shoes on the photo looks pretty.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Comfort is my number one factor when buying a shoe. Then comes the price and style and design.

Deli said...

I always value comfort before style especially in footwear so I think it's a really great buy when you can have both in one purchase :)