Jul 11, 2014

New Family Doctor

I went to a new doctor for a health check up.  The doctor that my dear husband and I used to see wasn't that very good.  I mean they don't call for appointment confirmations  and stuff like that.  Like they don't care with the patients.  Well, what do we expect?  My husband said the office is like a walk-in.  You can come and go just like that.

Anyway, I finally found a family doctor that seemed nice and accommodating.  Though the doctor's office is quite a distance from our house, the location is convenient from my husband's office. 

I had a conversation with her while she was checking my vitals and stuff.  She moved to Texas from Florida 10 years ago.  She has two kids but she looked very young to me.  I am glad that she gave me another refill of my prescription medicine.  She scheduled me for a blood work next week.  I have to go there at 8:00 in the morning.  Arg!

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