May 7, 2015

Decorating Ideas For a Shared Bedroom

Just like adults, kids consider their bedroom to be a personal retreat. They want the decor to be reflective of their personality. They also want to have furniture and specifically defined spaces that are conducive to their interests and hobbies. When two children share a room, you have to be creative with the room decor and design in order to provide a personally defined space for each child.

Bunk Beds

The designs and styles of bunk beds for kids have progressed far beyond the basic twin over twin design. If the kids sharing the room are of different ages, a twin over full bunk bed design is a nice choice. The older child will appreciate having the larger bed. A twin over twin typically works well for children who are close in age.
You can find bunk beds in twin over twin or twin over full designs that have storage space incorporated into their design. Anytime you can gain storage space in a shared room, you increase your chances of being able to keep the room uncluttered and organized.

Defining personal space

A key factor in defining personal space for each child can be the way the furniture is arranged. If your only option for bed placement is against the wall, there are a few ways to make each level of the bed a personalized space. You can display their name in a creative way on the wall beside of their portion of the bed. Wall decals that depict their special interest can define the space. Chalkboard paint on the wall that the bed is placed against gives each child an opportunity for creative self expression. 

If possible, you can place the bunk bed at an angle to create two somewhat separate areas in the room. Each child can decorate their side of the room in a way that reflects their personality. With a semi-divided room, you might be able to create a unified play area for the kids to enjoy.

When kids are sharing a room, it's helpful to use neutral colors for the overall decor. The accessories that you place in the room can be selected to coincide with each child's favorite color. Decorating a shared bedroom can be challenging, but having an extensive variety of bed designs and styles to choose from makes the challenge less stressful.


Masshole Mommy said...

My boys always wanted bunk beds, but we live in a cape and the ceilings aren't tall enough :(

Sara Bingham said...

Was just thinking of bunk beds yesterday. These are some great ideas!

Liz Mays said...

It's all about making it personal for the person in the room, isn't it? I'm so glad there are so many options!

Michelle Martinka said...

Those are really nice bunk beds! I am glad I never had to share a room, but I think my kids may have to someday if we have more! I will keep these tips in mind! Thank you!

I'm pooped said...

That is a great looking bunk bed. These are great tips.

Liz Mays said...

I like the idea of defining individual space within the room as much as possible.

Elizabeth O. said...

Great ideas! I love the bunk bed.

Lois Jones said...

You really do need to be creative when working around multiple kids in a room! Nice ideas!

Yona Williams said...

I like the idea of displaying the kid's name in a creative way – I'd focus on incorporating personality traits and interests that make them each different.