May 30, 2015

Weekend Snapshots: Japanese Tea Ceremony, Bath Accessories, Hair Care

In their Kimono.
A severe thunderstorm occurred early this morning and heavy downpours lasted for about an hour.  The rain was on and off when daylight came and I thought it will be raining all day today.  I was glad that the rain stopped and I was able to attend the presentation about Japanese Tea Ceremony at the library this afternoon.  I say it's an interesting lesson about how tea has become popular in Japan over a thousand years ago and how it is still celebrated nowadays.  

After the that, I drove to Sachse to pick up the garage sale items I bought for $5.  These are bathroom accessories with Palm Tree design.  These really match my bath rugs in the master's bathroom. 

Image taken by the seller.
After the pick up, I thought of stopping at CVS store to use my nearly expired coupons.  I got these L'oreal shampoos for $1.00.  I did two transactions and I used two CVS rewards card.  Select L'oreal hair care is on sale at CVS last week.  

Prices:  $4.99 each with card or buy two or more for $4.50 each and get 4.00 Extra Bucks (EB) back.  
So, $4.50x 2 = $9.00 
I used one 4.00 EB rec'd from previous purchases and one Manufacturer's Coupon of $4.00 off 2 L'oreal Advanced hair care products. So I paid only $1.00 and received another 4.00 EB.

Then another $4.50 x 2 = $9.00
I used one 5.00 EB rec'd from previous purchases and two Manufacturer's Coupon of $2.00 off 2 L'oreal Advanced hair care products.  So these offset the cost and paid nothing. I received a 4.00 EB in this transaction.

These items are addition to the stuff I am shipping to my family back home in the Philippines.

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