May 28, 2015

Cheap Product Reduces Static Cling

I am very fascinated with this anti-static sheets right now.  Besides the laundry detergent, Cuddle Soft is now my laundry buddy.  

I am so happy I found this at Walmart. So I gave it a try because I am so tired of dealing with statics and zaps whenever I pull out dried clothes from the dryer.  It was not long ago that I found this product. And I am proud to say that it works wonders in drying the clothes.

Anti-static sheets
Drying clothes with Cuddle Soft sheets.
It reduces static cling and I don't have to deal with zaps.  Oh how wonderful.  I wish I found it a long time ago. :)  By the way, Cuddle Soft is $.97 at Walmart.

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