Sep 30, 2008

Behind-The-Wheel Practice Next Week

In my previous post I shared the result of the Learner's Permit test. My Learner's Permit is now on hand. That means I can take driving practice only with a supervision of a Licensed Operator in Front Seat (LOFS). I appreciate all the assistance given to me by the staff at the driving school from the start of class until the day of the examination. I learned about traffic signs, rules and laws. Right now I am excited for the behind-the-wheel practice next week.


Umma said...

You can do it sis... I took my behind the wheels test 3 times but Im glad I already got my driver's license.
Good Luck.

MarlyMS said...

oh..congrats to you umma.tnx for d encouragement.

treasure chest said...

hello mharms.. goodluck for your practice. well, I'm also off to my driving school next week...hehehe...

linked you too. thanks!

Marvz World said...

was here... thanks for dropping by...see you again on my blog... tc

Winnie said...

thanks for visiting..goodluck on getting your driver's license :)

Imelda said...

we have the same permit, sis.

i find it hard to muster the art of behind the wheels driving too.

MarlyMS said...

@treasure chest
oh good luck to us both :)

@marvs and winnie
tnx ladies for dropping by...see u again

@ imelda
i hope we'll make it successful.