Sep 12, 2008

Free Three Piece Set Dinnerware

I got these plates from Albertson's when we had our groceries shopping this week. This three piece set (dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl) from Royal Doulton Blueberry is free since I already had 36 bonus stickers from my grocery shopping at Alberton's last month.

As you know, Royal Doulton is the world's 3rd largest manufacturer and distributor of branded tableware and giftware. Royal Doulton Blueberry Dinnerware is made of high quality porcelain with a classic in glazed pattern. All products are microwave and dishwasher safe.

To get started with the collection, you have to shop at your local neighborhood Albertson's until December 23, 2008. You have to collect the bonus stickers that will be given to you at the register. For every $10 you spend, you'll get one bonus sticker, then two bonus stickers for $20 and so on. When you have collected 36 bonus stickers, exchange them for your free Royal Doulton dinnerware. Bonus stickers can be redeemed until January 6, 2009

By the way, it appears to me that this is our first dinnerware set together (smiles).
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Chant said...

nice plates :)

thanks for visiting again

MarlyMS said...

you're welcome chant

BloggerTips said...

nice ones, haha sister thanks for viewing my blog @

can we exchange link?

Bombchell said...

thats a cool concept. nice plates.

I guess its like MAC cosmetics, for every 6 containers u have u get a cool lipgloss, eyeshadow or lipstick for free

MarlyMS said...

@ bloggertips
sure linked u already

@ bombchell
yes, i like promos like this :)

Cecile n' Matt said...

thank you for the visit:-) have a nice day!

Mrs. Stevenson said...

nice set. visit u back here. please add my new link. thanks

MarlyMS said...

tnx ria..i would be glad to add u.

Youngest said...

happy monday! nice blog!

iceah said...

cool plates love the designs c:
thanx for the visit too c:

Linz said...

Those are cool plates. There's something to be said for collecting a set rather than having a hodge podge of mismatched plates and bowls and the like (not that I'd know anything about that!).

Anonymous said...

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