Sep 8, 2008

Share Us A Smile: No Drinking and Smoking

A Grandmother was talking to her young grandson, trying to explain the dangers of smoking. “Now Johnny,” she said, “you have to promise Grandma that, once you’re a grown man, you will never smoke, and never drink.”

“Never, Grandma?” asked little Johnny.

“Never, boy, not even once,” replied the grandmother.

With his eyes wide as saucers, Johnny asked “But won’t I get thirsty?”

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reanaclaire said...

cute joke...
Marly, is the Social spark under service maintenance? I cant log in to PPP and about u over there?

torasham said...

funny...simple but really funny.

anneberly said...

hehehheh, its tru he might get thirsty
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Kelly said...

oh that's so funny!

MarlyMS said...

@ The success
linked u in my blogs Success...

@ kelly
yes it is