Sep 4, 2008

Wee! I am Joining a Blog Party

Guess what? I am joining a party on September15-30, 2008. Yes, Momhood Moments is hosting a blog party on those dates. She will take care of everything...the foods and overall setup so no worries about it. I like attending parties. What is cool about this is that, we'll meet new friends from the blogosphere. It is going to be fun! Everybody's welcome...single, double, married, mommies, daddies, everyone! I am inviting you to Momhood Moments for further details. By the way, Pinay Mommy Online, MoMeMo, and MicahDavid are coming too. See you there!
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Darlyn said...

thanks.. i want simple yet elegant lay out..

if you want it i can help you..

take care always

Maricel said...

Hi Marly! Yep you got it right! :) But I made some revisions on the instructions, please include 3 other links on your blog post for my sponsor. :) thanksie!

If done, please leave your message on this post Thanks!

Business Mars

Maricel said...

Thanks! Passed you additional 100 EC credits for that. ^_^

MarlyMS said...

@ maricel
tnx for d credits cel