Dec 25, 2009

The Opportunity To Learn

During my high school days, I never thought of seeing myself taking a computer course. The moment came to me when I worked in a grocery store for a year. The store owner has three children (all of them are high school students). They have a computer at home. My interest in computers began when the daughter asked me to help her type document for a school project. That time I started thinking about my future :)

Today's children are lucky because they have the opportunity to learn how to use a computer and access the Internet as well. As early as the age of 4, a child quickly learns.

Technology has gone a long way and the Internet is the huge proof. Students can rely on online tutoring on difficult subjects like Mathematics. Solutions to Math problems would be very easy too if constant practice is being done. Moreover, they will not get frustrated finding Math answers because of these free online Math tutoring is available on the Internet. How I wish it came early during my school days.

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Cafe au Lait said...

Hope you had a joyous Christmas.

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The Muppets Boy said...

Hai,gud morning.nice blog.Nak tahu info yang best tak ? please visit this blog erk ,ok thanks n bye

Sissym said...

Thank you for being part of my life too! Here praise you for being here. I wish Happy Holidays! 2010! Cheers!


Mhar's Display said...

Hi Sissy, you are so sweet!
I do not know what to say but thank you for being my friend. Though you are miles away, you still connect with me online. OMG! You are a sweet lady. I hope to send you a greeting card.


@ cafe au lait
greetings for you and your family too.

@ the muppets boy
thank you for stopping by. happy holidays.


tito said...

visit here, happy holidays, have a nice day, thanks :)