Dec 2, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Love Pink


Me said...

lovely sme when the summer arrive in here...

have a good day...

Mizé said...

Beautiful Roses Marly!
I´d like to thank you for the "get well" wishes for my daughter.
I made a thank you post with a little present :)
Check it out:

Good weekend!

Pie said...

They're beautiful! Are they yours?

vienna lopez said...

hello mhar,

nice pic! :)

nga pala.... i linked you up in my blog :D hope you won't mind linking to that blog too.



Tey said...

oh I love pink, Most of the color of my websites are pink.. Very pleasing to the eye
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Mhar's Display said...

@ me
good for you. I wish i have the space to plant roses here in my place.

@ mize
you are welcome. giving thoughtful words to friends is important. will work on the award soon.

@ pie
thanks but they are my mother-in-law's roses.

@ vienna
thanks, i did the same.

@ Tey
to me, pink is a color of freshness.