Dec 13, 2009

Easy Access To The Internet

I just bought an Ethernet router so I can access the Internet in my bedroom or anywhere in the house. I am using my honey's desktop computer and it is in the living room. For fast internet connection, we are happy with our provider. The internet service is reliable and fast. Satellite broadband service providers like ours are truly dependable when it comes to fast Internet connection with affordable monthly rate.

Now that I have a laptop, I want my surfing to be convenient wherever I go. Rural satellite broadband is reliable especially to us who have side jobs online.


tito said...

thanks for visit, congratulation, with ethernet router we can access the internet anywhere, don't forget to use key of WPA2 for safety router. so no anybody can hack the network. good post! :)

zisya said...

I agree, but in my country is very expensive using broabrand

free id blog said...

nice post

Mhar's Display said...

@ tito
i will take your advice. sure i don't want my network to be hacked.

@ zisya, free id blog
thanks for commenting. broadband is expensive I know. but there are service providers who offer cheaper internet service.