Jan 23, 2010

A Bridesmaid

My sister is one of the bridesmaids in our cousin E's church wedding in the Philippines this year. E and her fiance will be wedded on the 30th of this month. They flew home a week ago. I am jealous. Of what? Of not being one of the bridesmaids? No. Jealous of her flying back home. Our vacation last year was quick (only three weeks). But that was a wonderful one anyway. My honey and I had a great time.

Oh yeah. Back to my sister's first wedding attendance, she will be wearing a red dress because the wedding's motif is red. The dress is strapless, layered with gold band around the waist tied in a bow. Picturing the dress in my mind and my sister wearing it, I bet she'll look very pretty. And it would be a very nice wedding too.

I could not wait for the wedding pictures :)

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