Jan 25, 2010

Healthy Food Tip For Pregnant Women

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As I was thinking on my upcoming job review this month, I never thought the store inventory ended so soon. Store employees, including the managers, and volunteers, done a two overnight stock inventory this week. Every department had an assigned auditor for the inventory. But there are exemption to the task. Pregnant women employees and housekeepers too.

It is just right that pregnant women do not have to work odd hours on inventory. They need enough rest and relaxation after work. In addition to that, they need to eat healthy food during their pregnancy. Lots of fruits, vegetables, and meat are essential to baby's development and mother's body resistance. Eating seafood is very important too. Because plenty of nutrients can be found in fish and shellfish. A healthy tuna meal, for example, is one of the best food a pregnant woman should eat. Besides protein, the benefits of iodine are a big help to the body. One of these benefits is boosting babies brains to help them become quick learner as they grow.

There a many recipes for tuna fish. Our family's favorite is tuna salad. The main ingredients are lettuce, cooked potatoes (in cubes), tuna flakes in oil. For seasoning, a sprinkle of ground black pepper, mayonnaise, vinaigrette, and a little bit of salt. Oh that is so good! Anyway, I cannot wait to see my co-employees baby. Everybody at work adores her and waiting for the baby to arrive in this beautiful world.

Going back, I hope my co-employees feels better after the two overnight inventory job. Some of them came like a zombie this morning :)

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pinkdiaries said...

base! yup, hndi naman talaga dapat over sa work ang mga preggy ehh, dapat tamang rest para sa both of them, (baby and sa mother)

padaan po!

Mhar's Display said...

@ pinkdiaries
besides enough rest, pregnant women should eat balanced diet also. And seafood helps a lot in baby's development.


natysmith said...

actually I have to disagree with eating seafood especially tuna during pregnant. I am a mother of two and my OB-GYN advised me to not eat the above mention coz of the mercury content (bad for babies). Even taking a supplement with DHA (omega-3 fatty acids), she recommended Expecta Lipil DHA Supplement because it is not from fish and is safe for pregnant or nursing moms.