Jan 12, 2010

Success In Future Endeavors

My baby sister is graduating from high school two months from now. She is getting excited to go to college though she is still not quite sure of what course to take. But my mother said my sister is interested in computers and money. And she is interested to work in a bank. Hhmm. So my sister should take Accountancy or Banking Finance major course in college.

Well, these two college courses are a challenge because she has to deal with numbers. Mathematics skills and knowledge, if well-practiced, is a big advantage. In the first year of college, Algebra is mandatory. An Algebra Help online will be useful since my sister has a laptop with an Internet connection. Math Help will be easy for her too. Though an Algebra Tutoring service is offered by educators in the neighborhood, still my sister needs online help whenever she is home on the weekends.

We want my sister to become successful whatever endeavor she will take. I know a bright future is waiting for her.


imelda said...

good luck to ur sister sis.

imelda said...

making my daily rounds here sis

clydens said...

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David DeWall said...

Wow! Algebra and Math! The two subjects in school that I hated, loved everything else. Good luck to your sister, but looks like you have tools to help her.

ruby said...

hello! dropping by!
Surviving Deployment

A new beginning


pinkdiaries said...

hello! happy new year!

Mhar's Display said...

@ melds, pink diaries, ruby
thank you for the greetings

@ David DeWall
I struggled on these two subjects too. I just hope my sister will be good at them. 'Doing my best to help her too.

@ clydens
I am done adding you here..thanks much.