Jan 9, 2010

Top 10 ECardsters Of December 2009

Happy New Year! Cheers to all who support my blog and kept on coming, especially to the Top 10 EC Droppers.

EC Droppers
A Simple Life
The Modern Mom
Life's Tricky Situations
moms..... check nyo
Take a coffee break...
Life's sweets and spices
Mommy's Little Corner

May all your wishes come true and resolutions will be achieved this year.


imelda said...

i have no entrecard because i was banned so i can't drop ec here.

Vijay said...

can we exchange links

Vennilla said...

hi.. thanks for visiting my blog.. can we xc links

Daniel Azhari said...

Berkunjung.... $undul dlu ahh.. $ambil ber$ilaturahmi dengan $obat bloggerrr,web/blognya oke banget :) Tukeran link yuk.. :)