Jan 14, 2010

On A Typical Leisure Day

Whenever my friend N and I have the same day off, we agree to cook Filipino food at her place. In fact, she cooked shrimp in coconut milk with vegetables, and I made some pansit (noodles) the other day. Then we watched Sharon Cuneta's movie Caregiver. It's a drama flick.

Sometimes if we do not have anything to do after eating, we go to the mall and look for some bargains. One day we had the same day off, N wanted to use her store gift card and buy something for herself. We went to a department store and stopped at the shoes department. You know what happen? She saw a pair of size 5 pink thong sandals. Excited, she showed it to me and had me tried them on. They fit. For $ 9.00, the sandals was me. It happens often whenever our day off falls on the same day. Honestly, I do not remember what she bought.


Yen said...

Nice pair of sandals :-)

Tey said...

Nice sandals Marly. Inggit ako... Have a great day to you my friend
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vienna said...

that's a very nice pair of sandals and very cheap too!

a very good find indeed!

Mhar's Display said...

@ yen, tey, vienna
Hahaha! that was really funny when N found it because she got excited and called me right away to try them on. I couldn't refuse because they are really pretty :)


Jenny said...

Good Deal!:)

kathy said...

preho pala tayo size 5.. hehehe