Jul 7, 2010

The Effects of World Cup Soccer to a Non Fan

Although most Americans do not follow soccer very closely during any other time in the season, the World Cup tournament always draws in American viewers who want to see their country beat another country in some type of sporting venue. Soccer isn’t a very big sport in America like it is in the rest of the world, but people always like to cheer on their countrymen when playing against other countries. National pride takes over and people who aren’t even sports fans will tune in to see all the action.
I happen to be one of those people that doesn’t really care about soccer. I don’t understand the game and find it slow and boring, but there is something to be said for watching players wearing the colors of your home country playing any sport against teams from other countries. This probably especially holds true in America which is a very patriotic and proud nation. Although we don’t necessarily have the greatest team, watching and cheering for your own country is always fun. I have watched more soccer via my Direct TV in the past view days then I have probably seen in my entire life combined. I also started to appreciate the game a little more and am beginning to understand some of its nuances. I will never be an avid soccer fan, but I at least appreciate the competitive nature of the game a little more now.
Posting compliments of Langston Miller

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