Jul 25, 2010

A Life Changing Privilege

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Pregnancy is a woman's privilege. It is the amazing event in a woman's life. Knowing a tiny human being is breathing inside her body, life will never be the same again.

When I learned my pregnancy test was positive, I did not get a doctor's appointment right away. I did not had the chance because of my work schedule. But my first meeting with the OB-GYN was great. The doctor is very accommodating. She is checked everything from PAP Smear to drawing blood. I feel comfortable with her. Her staff gave me free vitamins, pregnancy journal/planner, and magazines.

Besides the pregnancy guide book that my sister-in-law gave me, I enjoyed reading the magazines. The pregnancy tips and advice as well as the guide on healthy eating is very interesting and helpful.

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Sissym said...

I remember that time I read so much about pregnancy. That is a wonderful moment in our lifes.

Home Security Systems said...

When i was pregnant for the first time I read voraciously. I read every book that everyone recommended.

With my next two pregnancies I still read but i did it for fun not to learn.

Doing that i was able to enjoy them more. I miss it.

Mhar's Display said...

Really is interesting to read pregnancy books and articles. The thought of how the baby is developing amazes me too.