Jul 21, 2010

"How's My Girls?"

My heart is filled with love whenever my honey comes home from work and greets, "How's my girls?" It feels wonderful. Sweet, yah?

By the way, he said girls right? Now I share with you the happy news. That means we are expecting a baby girl in December. And she is active. I feel her moving now.

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Cacai M. said...

Wow.. that's great! Congratulations Mhar! Am happy for yah or your family. :)

Sissym said...

I am very happy with this news!
I have a girl, sometimes I remember my childhood through her, as she is physically and games.

Melissa said...

Yay! Many congrats to you and your hubby.

anney said...

What a wonderful blessing from God!Congrats!

Marissa said...

Hi Mhars, congratulations and may your baby be blessed and born healthy! Thanks for visiting

jenskie said...

hi! wow, congrats! :) that's sounda to be the best Christmas gift for your family.


VANENi said...

Congrats for carrying God's most beautiful gift for you! :) take care of yourself and your baby-to-be always! :)

dhurianne said...

Congrats for the baby.It's a blessing!

For link exchange, sure. I'll let u know pag na add na kita.

God Bless!

★Jasmine said...

wheepeededoooo! happy weekends!!! :D

JENIE=) said...

happy to be back here, girl ;)

come viist my blogs too
life round meNyou

Krisel said...

Wow! Congratz to you and to your hubby for the baby girl! take care of yourself and your little princess.

texas_sweetie said...

wowwww cool! congrats on having a baby girl diay...nice au baby girl kay para naay ka atbang ang mommy sa pa igat igat ug shopping

Ebie said...

Congratulations and how exciting! I felt that way some 26 years ago!

P.S. I can't help reading the comment above mine, Bisaya ka? Bisdak man ko! Sorry for this late reply, my cat is sick and its keeping me busy even from blogging. Thanks for stopping bu and I hope to be back blogging next week.

tatess said...

congrats to both of you

Mhar's Display said...

Thank you all for leaving comments.
I am pretty much excited about having our first baby. And it's a girl.

@ Sissy, I hope my child will grow a sweet and beautiful person.

@ texas_sweetie, naks! atbang sa shopping huh? Hahaha! mao jud.

@ Ebie, yup Bisaya pud ko. Taga-Leyte.

@ dhurianne, sure I'd love to.