Jul 31, 2010

Summer Pool Safety for Kids

Whether you are going to a friends' pool, the local public pool or in your own backyard, summer safety around swimming pools is a must. A few tips to keep in mind while your kids are around the water can keep them safe all summer long.

Never allow children to swim alone or without adult supervision. Taking your eyes off them for just a minute is enough time for a child to drown.

Water floats are toys and are not a safe alternative to personal flotation devices such as water safety vests. If a child cannot swim be sure to keep them in a shallow pool with supervision.

Safety gates should never be altered or left unlocked. Above and inground pools should all have fencing around the entire pool area with a locking mechanism. The use of a Security Choicehome security alarm on a pool gate can save a child's life.

Take your child to a swim class if they cannot swim. The classes are usually very fun for the kids and they will have gained a valuable lesson that will remain with them for life. Most public pools as well as YMCA's offer swim classes for free or little cost.

Do not allow diving into pools or running around the edge of pools. Slips and falls on concrete can cause serious injury.

The Author of this post is Timothy Malone

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Sissym said...

My friend, do not forget, the worst drops of the child are always ahead of us. If it falls into the pool, likely you'll be near. Always need to place buoys, cos children are very fast.

Carrie said...

agree with u. It's good to get the kids to learn swimming

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