May 26, 2011

MyBlogLog Is Gone

Yes.  It is gone.  Totally.  Yahoo!  has officially discontinued MyBlogLog service two days ago.  I was a member of it since I started my blogging career.  

I have no idea why Yahoo!  closed the service.  They did not mention anything in their correspondence.  Anyway, I hope they will come up with a new online social networking/community soon.  One that will last for a long time. 

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JANZ said...

marami pa pla ang bastos ngaun dto sa blogospehre b yan! congrats sa new baby te. nag wonder dn ako nawala ang blog log ko.cguro hndi na mauso kasi ang fb pinatataob ang ibang social networking sites.

Sissym said...

Mhars, here in Brazil had already closed since last year. This suggests that free sites and bloggers are dangerous, because any time we lose everything and all contacts.