May 1, 2011

Future Travel And Vacation

One of my biggest dreams is to be able to travel and visit Europe.  There are couple of countries in my list:  UK, Italy, France, Norway, name a few.  This idea came to me not only because I worked in travel before, it is because I want to explore.  Traveling always interests me. 

The most traveled season is summer.  It is the best time to visit cooler places and summer destinations for a vacation/getaway.  I like a beach getaway.  A wonderful room accommodation adds to the enjoyment of the vacation.  To me, visiting Europe during the summer season seems quite appealing.  Besides staying in a hotel, you can also stay in a luxury apartment for rent that is furnished appliances. Whenever I travel, I always look into getting a great deal on hotel accommodations.  This matters a lot to me.  

I am hoping that I can visit the above mentioned European countries someday.

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Cacai M. said...

Indeed, it's nice to travel around the world. :)

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Sissym said...

I know only some cities in Germany and Prague (sooooo... beautiful).

I would like visit UK and Scotland too.

It is wonderful to make future plans and put them into practice.


JENIE=) said...

my dream around the world! =0 nice tobe back here mhars!

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shengy said...

yes..i dream to visit Europe as well

LivingShed said... to exlinks?

... said...

been wanting to go to Italy.. hopefully someday soon...

wynaut blog said...

Europe is one of the beautiful places to travel..Im hoping your dreams will come true someday.. :)