May 11, 2011

Tender Loving Care

I was feeling awful couple of days ago.  My head and nose were congested.  I was feeling tired especially at night.  Is baby wearing me out?  Part of it.  

One thing that helped me get better was Vicks vapor rub.  It always has been very effective on me.  Proven to help relieve nasal congestion and muscle pain, me and my family always has Vicks at home.  Now I feel better.  Thanks to Vicks vapor rub and honey's tender loving care, of course.

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baili said...

yea,vicks is quite help in such situations dear,

you have really sweet place here really enjoyed being here and will be visiting again
wishing you very best of luck for coming dreams in life god bless you

Mhar's Display said...

yes, that is why I always have Vicks in my house.
thank you for the comment. will see you soon.