Dec 7, 2011

Maintenance Tips for your Patio Furniture

The best thing about having a well furnished outdoor is that it gives the family the chance to just come together and have fun. During the summer and spring season, barbecue and other outdoor parties are extremely popular. So if you are the type of person who loves to organize social gatherings with friends and families then it is only vital to invest on some important outdoor pieces such as patio furniture.

Choosing the right type of material for your patio furniture is also important. Some people might go for a plastic material because it is cheaper than the other types offered in the market. But the thing with plastic material is that it does not have that classic look so the best choice is to go for a wood type of patio furniture. In any type of home care, maintenance is very important in order to make sure that it well kept in good condition and will last for a longer period of time.

So how would you take care of your wooden patio furniture? The first thing that you need to remember: wood is a very sensitive type of material and special care is needed especially since it the furniture are placed outdoors and are subjected to weather changes.  Weather-proof your patio furniture by applying a sealant this will prevent the wood to absorb water especially during the rainy season. Sanding the rough or damaged spots then re-application of sealant is also necessary especially when you start to see chipped spots.  

During the winter time, it is best to store your patio furniture and protect it from the cold weather. The freezing temperature can cause a major damage in your wood patio furniture as it could affect its appearance and quality. Experts would also recommend resealing your wood furniture at least once every three years. 

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These are really good tips! Thanks for sharing this.

Indian Dress said...

The tips above are really useful. We should see to it that we've done the right steps in taking care of our patio furniture.