Dec 21, 2011

A Gift For Vision Improvement

Shipping of the Christmas presents for my family in the Philippines is delayed.  The previous months were very occupied because of special events.  There are Holiday outfits for my niece and nephews in the package.  I bought some clothing for my brother and sisters too.  In addition, my parents love lotions and fragrances.  So I included a couple in the box also.

I remember my parents requested something from me.  Something that they can use all the time-prescription eyeglasses.  Both my parents have vision problems.  It has been my concern when I was home.  We did not have the money for eye check-ups that time.  So they just bought a pair of eyeglasses and they borrow from each other.  So pitiful.  Now I can definitely buy them cheap eyeglasses but with the same quality that can be found in designers'.  It is a good time to shop for prescription eyeglasses this holiday because there are many stylish frames to choose from.  Because these are very affordable, I can still buy a nice shirt for my father and a pretty casual dress for my mother.  I chose this frame because it looks simple but classy.  My mother would really like it.  Hopefully I can send the package early next year so my family will be happier.

How about you?  Is somebody in your family have vision problems?  What frames would you like to buy for them as gifts?  Feel free to share here.

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