Dec 7, 2011

Putting Into Reality

All right, though it is a couple of weeks before the year ends, the plan to repaint and redecorate the house will be put into reality soon.  Actually, my honey has started repainting the dining ceiling for now.  After the holidays and birthday party of my daughter the busy new year starts.

It has been three years and our house needs to be retouched.  I am going to put curtains in the bedrooms.  Then I will be rearranging some of the furniture, if possible.  The master bathroom looks appealing to me but the guest room needs remodeling.  I know it will take time and surely money too, I think.  But I would like my guest bathroom to look like our master's bath. 


Twinkle Think said...

Hello was here to visit your blog

Kim said...

Good luck! It's been about 5 years since we moved in and rooms need to be repainted so I started last month with a hallway (easy one). Next is the kid bathroom and I hate bathrooms!