Dec 5, 2011

Weekend Snapshot: Christmas Party 2011

Although it was raining heavily yesterday, the bad weather did not stop us from driving to Forney for the Christmas Party and Get-Together this year.  Friends from different parts of Dallas and surrounding cities came over to join the fun.  We had lots of food, games, talks, and laughs.  There was an exchange gifts for kids and grown-ups too.  There was dancing and non-stop chats.  Picture-taking was one of the highlights at the party.  I had a great time looking at the children having fun also.

My baby girl received a Pillow Pet toy from the exchange gifts.  She liked it very much.  I got an Angel Motif Candle Lamp.  Great for the occasion. We had a wonderful time at the party yesterday.  It was past 8 P.M. when we got home.


Sissym said...

That's great! The party was really fun. Children love happies movements. kisses

Sissym said...

The photo is WONDERFUL!