Dec 25, 2011

Korean Products In

Aside from making entries for my blogs, I also check Facebook once in a while.  I spend, let's say, 60% of my leisure time on the Internet.  Sometimes I bump into nice pages and interesting deals.  When on Facebook, I see freebies offers and contests too.

Two weeks ago I joined "Like Us" giveaway. is a portal website for Korean companies and suppliers who offer wholesale on all kinds of products.  Actually, I read a Share from a friend in FB too.  So I gave it a try.  You know what?  I received a nice surprise in my inbox when I checked my email on Christmas Day.  I won $50 eBay Gift Certificate from!  Now I am excited to use it on, so I am shopping.  But I'm not sure what to buy yet...a handbag or a pair of shoes?

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