Apr 8, 2012

Easter Weekend At Parents' House

We are in Tyler for Easter weekend.  Baby is happy to see her grandparents again.  My mother-in-law has a lot of Easter decor in her house.  Easter bunnies on display everywhere.  So nice to look at and very neat.

These look really pretty on the dining table.  Little Easter eggs hanging on the tree.  Male and female bunnies candle holder.

This little chick is very sweet and cute egg.

I admire my mother-in-law for having a wide-range ideas on theme decor for the home.  She said she will help me work with the projects in my house.  That would be very wonderful.


Philippine Wedding Resources said...

very nice.. i like it so much!! :)

Philippine Wedding Resources said...

it always feels good when you see your parents..

A Mom said...

appreciate your visit ! happy fri!

Sissym said...

Dear Friend!

It was so cute!