Apr 28, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Busy In The Yard

We are ready for gardening this year.  My husband usually starts getting busy in the yard last weekend of April.  He woke up early today to pick-up the Tiller he rented from Home Depot.  The rental amount reached about $70 including the platform for the Tiller. The soil in the backyard is firm.  So he had a hard time controlling the machine.  After the hard work, he cleaned the tiller very well so there won't be an extra charge.  Tomorrow we will buy some flowering plants and vegetables so we can start planting already.


Jerla Oh lalala said...

ka good job ni bana mharz :) unsa may imong itanum?

Marms said...

Hi Jerla,
thanks :) peppers, tomatoes, string beans, cucumbers, eggplant ug herbs among itanom.