Apr 5, 2012

Lots Of Red Bulbs!

I never thought my lovely tiny rose bush will give me lots of bulbs this year.  Seems like the rainy weather few weeks ago as the Spring season enters helped its growth big time.  My  honey is amazed with the sight and, of course, I feel happy.  I hope it continues to bloom flowers so our flowerbed will look pretty.  We are planning to plant flowering plants again this year.  I am excited for our front yard to be colorful again.

Dwarf Rose.  It's getting  big.

You see how dry the soil is?  Well, it dries out quickly so we are gonna buy garden soil to add on there.  It needs loosening too.  Lots of yard work coming.


Sissym said...

My dear friend! They are so sweet. I love so much mini roses!


Niptini said...

Very pretty! We love when everything blooms in Spring time!

Bridal Cars For Rent said...

Wow very ncie :)

Marms said...

@Sissym and Niptini, Yes I love the flowers of Spring.


shengy said...

good for you

unikorna said...

They are lovely. Unfortunately in my garden, spring has barely sprout.