Apr 24, 2012

Unique Decor

I went to see my doctor today.  This appointment was only for consultation.  I will be having procedure (minor surgery) on Friday and today, I was given the instructions and reminders.  Yes, I am 100% sure of this.

Whenever I go to doctor's offices or even in corporate offices, I never missed the chance to look at the office setting.  I always admire the interior decorations.  Paintings, wall hangings, and fixtures fascinate me a lot.  I bet it costs a lot to get all those office decor.

Wall decor

The photo was taken while I was waiting for my turn at the front desk.  The above wall decor really got my attention.  I like how they are made.  So unique and colorful.  There are lots of home decor ideas you can get at a corporate office or at the doctor's office.  You will be amazed how nicely these ideas will come into action and applied to your home.


Sissym said...

These are so nice!


Marms said...

They really are Sissy. I admire the decor so much.