Aug 31, 2012

Long Weekend For Labor Day Holiday

It is another great weekend for us.  Long weekend because of the Labor Day holiday.  We are visiting my husband's parents right now and we are planning to have rib-eye steak for dinner tonight.  Woohoo!  My husband haven't eaten steak in a while. Of course, my family is having great fun here in Tyler again. 

After I finished packing for our trip yesterday, my daughter and I went outside for a stroll.  While she was having a great time riding on the swing, I enjoyed taking photos of the beautiful colors in my front yard.  Here are some of the pictures I took trying to use Macro feature in my digital camera.  I guess I did a good job. :)

Can you see the ant?  Find the ant :)

Love the lavender color

This flower looks big.  But it's not :)

A hopper just hangin' out

Love the clear blue sky

A bee takin' a sip :)

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