Aug 29, 2012

Getting Ready For Fall

Being a stay-at-home mom requires lots of patience.  My daughter is getting more and more active each day.  And the time for chores, to me, is getting shorter.  But when I have free time, I get to use it to do some quick tidying up like organizing my closet because I want to put in my Fall clothing collection including this new little black dress I got.  This is a cute dress that fits really well on me.  And it is my kind of style.  I like wearing dark colors in the Fall and Winter.

There are lots of things I needed to do these days.  In the next coming months, my mind will be spinning around trying to accommodate the special occasions and travel plans.  Shopping for gifts is in the priority list.  This little black dress is a good gift idea too.


Sissym said...

Mhars, this is a cute dress! I love wear black or dark clothes too!


StyleIDnet said...

That dress is the cutest. I was tempted to get it in ivory.
If I do I will post with it :)

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