Aug 10, 2012

New Fan In The House

So my husband bought a home fan to help the air conditioner minimize its running.  The summer heat is unbearable, I know.  The heat makes a person irritable sometimes.  In our house, we decided to add a fan.  It helped though.  The air circulates better and the air-conditioner does not run frequently.

What I don't like about it is the noise.  Yeah.  I cannot concentrate with my work.  Well, we put the fan in the dining area and I my computer is on the table.  So I am actually beside the fan.  Hah!  I guess I have to get used to it now.


Sissym said...

Dear, my fan is old.... and makes so much noise. I need to buy a new thinking the next summer!


Marms said...

Hi my dear friend Sissy, a new fan is a good investment in the house too. Helps to keep the house cool.