Aug 11, 2012

Weekend Snapshot: Spaghetti, Water Park, And A Souvenir

Delicious Spaghetti with Polish sausage
Waterpark in Garland, Texas
Remembrance from the getaway
It was a very sunny afternoon Saturday and our family was busy today.  First, we took my daughter to her swimming lesson at YMCA.  After the 30-minute splashing in the pool, we head home and had lunch at a pizza parlor close to our house.  I ordered my favorite Spaghetti with Polish sausage.  My daughter likes spaghetti too.  My husband had a medium sized pizza supreme.

Second, I had a swimming party in Garland with friends.  Though I was very late coming, I was able to enjoy the thrill slides and swimming itself.  We went to the Hawaiian Falls in Garland.  Because I want aware of the people behind me at the Wave Pool, I scraped my knee.  Injured.  Not cool!  I cleaned and put anti-infection cream on the wound as soon as I got home.  I hope it won't scar or it would be truly a souvenir from Hawaiian Falls. :)


Ria Cervantes said...

Keeping a trophy of your trip?!? :) At least you had fun sis :)

Ria C

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Marms said...

Hi Ria, yea..kainis nga eh. Pero okay na ngayon. Nag-heal na. It was a very nice day. Mas okay sana if we went there a little later so the sun wasn't very strong.

Have a great day sis!