Aug 7, 2012

Fixed Home Equipment And Appliance

So the microwave oven is fixed.  My husband came home from work with new fuse.  He replaced fuse in the microwave.  For two days, it was an inconvenience for me to use the traditional oven to heat food for lunch and dinner at that time.  Gladly my hubby found out the problem and fixed it this evening while my baby and I were gone to a Bible Study.

The kitchen appliance is eight years old and, I think, it needed some maintenance.  We are not ready to buy new appliances for the house right now.  There are plenty of things in priority.  So the thought of replacing new microwave oven is, maybe or will be in the next few years.

We had three solved problems as far as home equipment is concerned.  The air-conditioning is working properly because there were parts replaced.  The leaking roof was fixed because a roofer replaced some shingles correctly.  And, the microwave oven is functioning great now because new fuse is installed.

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