Feb 3, 2013

Not Really Boring For Me

Sometimes boredom strikes to a stay-at-home wife and mom like me.  There are days that I have to stay home with my child and do chores.  But after that, I want to do something else that is worthwhile.  

When I got here in the US for the first time, it was really boring for me.  So I searched for friends online.  Gladly I met new friends and they suggested some money-making hobbies on the Internet.  Besides blogging, I Earn money by solving quizzes and trivia at  I find solving quizzes very challenging.  The site has a variety of quizzes and trivia that will make the mind think hard.

Thanks to my online friends who helped me how to make money online even though I am a full-time wife and mom.

1 comment:

Sissym said...

Actually you were very smart making the right choices to have a more peaceful and close to your family.