Jun 15, 2009

The Chirps And Sounds

We always have fun every time we come visit my parents-in-law in Tyler. Especially when we go out to the garden and watch the birds feeding by the fence. Mom and Dad do a good job maintaining their garden especially the plants in it.

What interests me the most are the different kinds of birds flying around and feeding in the garden. Their chirps and sounds relax the mind and body. Dad take pictures of these birds once in a while, particularly of the pretty little bitty hummingbirds. There was one time Dad took a picture of a hummingbird sipping in one of his hummingbird feeders hung at the back porch. That was cool!

Besides the fact that hummingbirds fly backwards, they are attracted to bright, colorful flowers. Usually they sip nectar from flowers with bright colors like red, orange, or yellow. That is why you can see hummingbird feeders come in different attractive styles with bright colors. Bird feeders are not expensive as you might think. Actually, they are very affordable all year round. If you want to have hummingbird feeders hung by the porch or somewhere in the garden of your home, surely there is a big chance these lovely birds will show up. You will be amazed how these little creatures bring cheer in your life.

1 comment:

gab's mom said...

wow... what a gerat way of finding relaxation... enjoying the garden in the presence of the colorful chirping birds.

i love watching birds fly when my kid try and chase them at the park. we really have a great one each time.