Jun 19, 2009

Make It A Habit: Drink Plenty Of Water

Thank you for all the kind notes you left in my post. I appreciate your concerns. I am feeling better now. My honey always does a good job taking care of me whenever I feel bad. This changing weather is starting to bother me now. And here is what, my honey is now having minor head colds too. Uh oh!

That is why we drink lots of water and fruit juice because the heat of the summer dehydrates the body. The body's natural resistance to sickness weakens if we do not have enough water in our bodies. So make it a habit, drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday.


Salute said...

Good advice and thanks for the reminder!

Nanaybelen said...

so true. have a nice day

Modern Mom said...

As much as possible, I try to have more than 8. My kids laugh at me when they see me counting, lol. But it's so hard to make them drink at least 8 glasses no matter how much I explain that water is good for them. :(

It's good to hear that you're feeling better now. Take care sistah! Mahirap magkasakit.

Christina said...

So glad to hear that you are feeling better!

madz said...

Yes, we really need to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Still the best way to stay healthy

Mharms said...

@ salute, nanay belen, christina
yes, it is always on my mind but sometimes i do forget. Really a must.

@ modern mom
i am trying to guide my niece and nephew to this habit because my niece got sick in connection with lack of water in the body. thank God she is better now.

i appreciate you all for leaving some kind words for me.