Jun 22, 2009

Can You Tell Your Future?

There is a time in silence I get the chance to reminisce the fun moments my two friends (from work) and I did back home. We attended parties, participated in school activities, and joined night swimming with other colleagues. Another thing, we tried going to love fortune teller. I found out that my friends had been having their love tarot reading and they wanted me to come with them to know what mine reads. The fortune teller does love psychic reading too.

I remembered the love fortune teller told me that I will be married to a man from far away, and I will experience far travels in my life. It sounded all positive readings to me. I realized that the love tarot reading came true. I married a wonderful foreign man. And traveling is a part of my lifestyle now. I feel grateful.

How about my friends'? I am just wondering how is it going with them right now.


irish daisies said...

I CAN!! i can see what i am having for dinner tonight... its coming to me ... its coming to me.. yes i see it... FOOD ;) just teasing. i hope u r feeling better from ur cold

Sissym said...

Dear friend, in the past also read to me that I marry a foreigner and would be very happy. I not married a foreigner and I was not happy with him. I would rather believe that I can still find someone special. But time is ticking and I do not know whether those letters have lost validity. I still have the dreams in my soul. Hold your opportunity.And thank God every day with all your love. I am romantic and believe in love yet.

Mhar's Display said...

Hahaha! your comment was fun! I hope you enjoyed ur dinner too.

@ sissym
i am sorry to hear about ur relationship. you see love comes in unexpected places and time. I waited for mine to come. and when it came, i was sure the man i will marry is a good man.

Sissym said...

Dear Friend, dont worry, I am so happy I believe in future!