Jun 30, 2009

Beware Of Those Harmful Bites

When on a vacation and doing outdoor activities, safety is the first concern. And when traveling far, we do not want to be in harm. You see there are many harmful elements around us. If we do not take extra precautions, we might get sick. Example of these are mosquito bites. Summer is very hot. And during this hot season, mosquitoes come out and do not hesitate biting.

One of my friends back home had "dengue" ( sickness caused by a mosquito bite). She was bit by a mosquito when we had our school camping in high school. Luckily, she was treated immediately and survived. Now, the schools back home require mosquito traps everywhere. School officials and parents ensure students health and safety at all times.

On vacation, camping or outdoor happenings, our safety should always be the first priority. Beware of mosquitoes. Do not let them touch you. Trap them.


Health Nut said...

Another deadly bite/s to worry about are sandflies- present not only where there is sand, but also around construction areas which tends to have gravel, sand, etc. They can give very very bad poisonous stings and depending on your body's reaction to the bite can last for a long time.

Mhar's Display said...

Ugh! That's disgusting. Should watch out and be cautious.