Jun 3, 2009

Trivia: Entertainment, History, Nature, Computers

Did You Know...

Shirley Temple, the famous child-actress of the 1930's, had a very early start in acting. Born in 1928, she did her first film, "The Red-Haired Alibi", when she was three.

In 1828, circus performers riding horses wore the usual attire - until one day bareback rider Nelson Hower's outfit went missing. He wore his long knit underwear instead, and presto, circus tights as a permanent fashion statement was born.

US President William Howard Taft (1909-1913) is said to be the heaviest (300lbs+) president who found himself stuck in the White House bathtub. He is the only man in US history to have served as both President and Chief Justice.

Lions usually nap for up to 20 hours of every day. they usually become active after dusk, socializing in the pack, grooming and spending the night hours hunting for food.

It has a bug in it: That is what we say when our computer has a problem. The saying orginated in 1945, when a computer in Harvard University broke down and it was discovered that the source of the problem was moth that had gotten into one of the circuits.

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Mhar's Display said...

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irish daisies said...

i love reading tidbits. Shirley Temple also had a photographic memory. I loved watching her movies on tv since i was a little girl

Maricel said...

i believe shirley temple was also the one who started the cocktail named after her. :)

cool fact about the bug.

Mhar's Display said...

@ irish
really? she is very famous that time right?

@ maricel
the cocktail drink named to shirley temple means it is just a mild and innocent drink. doesn't hit you at all :)