Nov 29, 2009

New Neighbor

I was preparing to work one morning when I heard voices and footsteps on the stairs. Sounded like more than two people were talking. We just have a new neighbor. They arrived a couple of days ago.

The new neighbor is a newly wed couple. I just did not know who's father that was who helped them with the hauling of their furniture. Anyway, they came from another State. They moved in Texas because of the husband found a job here. Seems to me that they had a serious moving because they hired a house removals company to help them.

It is really nice to hire a professional help like that. Moving is not easy especially if you have a ton of furniture and appliances to haul.  The house removal can provide adequate service for people who move to a very far place.  In addition, the unwanted and unusable equipment or appliances in your house will be well-taken care of.


heru said...

Hello my friend, thank you very much for your visit, new day of happiness and successes

Yen said...

thanks for this info. Nice one.

eleanor said...

It is true moving is not easy as long as you hire some company to help moving all your things. thanks for articles good job friend :)

Tey said...

we have no plan of mving anywhere right now, but my cousins in Seattle have been pushing us to move with them. thanks for sharing this Marly
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Sissym said...

Hi my dear friend!
How are you?!?!
Sorry, I walked away but not forgotten about you. I miss you.
Kiss! Cheers!

Mizé said...

Thanks for dropping by and wishing my daughter good health. She´s much better now, after taking antibiotics. She´ll be back to school tomorow.
Hugs, Mizé.

ruby said...

was here!

Mhar's Display said...

@ eleanor
my husband hates moving..he doesn't like hauling things. plus moving rentals cost is very high.

@ yen, teru, ruby
thanks for stopping by

@ Tey
oh, if you are living comfortably in your place, why move? I guess you have a full time job and business there right? moving is really a pain.

@ mize
you are welcome mize. glad to know that your daughter is feeling better now.

@ sissym
i missed you too. where have you been? :) keep in touch.


jenie said...

visiting you here dear;)

sana uso din yan sa pinas noh?! or maybe it is, but we opt to do it on our own.

Wengss said...

When we moved to our house,my son was 5 months old, nagsuhol sad mi. Mahal kaayo but we don't have choice.Plus some friends helping us too.
dili lalim magbalhin oi.
Nindot sad ang feeling pag naa pod kay new silingan.

AngelBaby said...

Oh, how I hate moving it is so much work even with professionals helping. I do want to move to another place because I am not very happy with my living arrangement. So I am looking and I will move again but I am not looking forward to all the work, just the beautiful new place when I find it!

Love and Blessings,

oxford removal companies  said...

Hello guys,Sorry, I walked away but not forgotten about you.

sigit hermawan said...

i'ts great stuff.. thanks for your article.. best regard